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This workshop focuses on storytelling as an effective way for entrepreneurs to pitch a product to an potential investor. We will be demonstrating storytelling using infographics and videos.

Stories are not just facts presented with accompanying images, they are narratives crafted to take the listener or reader on a journey. Just like a novel or a documentary, these stories have a plot, characters, and themes.

Storytelling is used in many ways in many fields:

  • Start-ups or established companies promoting their product or service through telling their story.
  • Victims of abuse or war telling their story as a means to heal and inform.
  • Individuals with various developmental disabilities telling their story through images and music when a text-based story may not be a option.
  • Immigrants and newcomers telling their story or the story of their families to raise awareness and support advocacy.
  • To commemorate a great life or infamous character.
  • and many more…

What will your story be?